Away Days

One of my favorite things about supporting Detroit City FC over the years has been all of the ridiculous stuff that happens at away matches. Boys In Rouge put together a great list of the some of the best of them. This one is my favorite

(5) FC Indiana away in 2017, literally played in the middle of a cornfield. The toothless, morbidly obese owner of FCI threatened to call the police on City supporters for trespassing, despite the fact they’d all purchased tickets for entry. He proceeded to call said police, but they didn’t deem this particular emergency worthy of their time and declined to show up.

I will never forget that match. Everyone proceeded to play duck duck goose on the field in the rain. That might also have been the first and only time Footloose was performed by the supporters.

Crazy dumb away days are probably the thing I will miss most about the NPSL classic season.

My favorite omission from the list is the Berkley band debacle. Marc from Berkley was upset and posted in their community Facebook group about the loud band playing music and swearing loudly at the Berkley field on Mother’s Day.

The post went on for quite awhile. I have the entire post for your enjoyment here.

I definitely recommend checking the whole article out.

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Mike Bramson Approved

If you’ve ever seen this posted on Twitter, you can thank Joe Novak.

This random person got very upset that we were upset at Rosetti Design for using our likeness without our approval. So we did our usually thing and made it a meme.

Here is a link to the tweet thread:


If for whatever reason he decided to take them down, I have attached screen shots so it will live on for forever.