Goal Breakdown: Philly Fury 8-31-19

There were not a lot of goals in this one to break down so this is going to be a pretty short post. City really seemed to control the game and generated a lot of chances but couldn’t find the back of the net. Being back at Keyworth means the game is on YouTube and so much easier for me to clip goals. Header image from Micheal Kitchen.

DCFC 1 PF 0 63′ (PK) G: Ryan Peterson

I am going to begin this lead up to a goal a little early so I can cover the sequence. Stephen Carroll is a little too light on his touch allowing the Fury player to take control of the ball. Victor Fragola does well to challenge for the ball and slow up the attack. James Vaughn is a little slow getting back which frees up his man. Carroll does well to position himself to cover the three players threatening the middle of the field.

Good positioning from Carroll to be able to react to wherever the ball goes.

A heavy touch from the Fury player causes the ball to go wide and Carroll does well to position himself between the player and the goal. The Fury player is really left with only one option to try and play the ball across the middle and the City keeper Armando Quezeda is able to collect the ball.

City then proceeds to play the ball around in the back looking to find an opening. Eventually some room is found by Richard Bryan and he plays it up the pitch. The Fury put very little pressure on Bryan giving him lots of time to find some where to go with the ball.

Bryan plays the through ball into the box for Ryan Peterson to run down. The keeper decides a little late to come out and play the ball allowing Peterson to use his speed to beat him to the ball. The keepers momentum carries him into Peterson causing a foul and a penalty kick is awarded.

A clip of just the foul
Fuck this guy.

Peterson lines up over the ball and drives it to the left of the goal. Goalie guesses the wrong direction and Peterson puts City up 1-0.

Different angle

DCFC 1 PF 0 69′ (PK) S: Armando Quezeda

Long ball from the Fury from the back is played up into the box which Tendai Jirira has position on. Jirira shields the ball from the attacker who attempts to play the ball around his body and Jirira goes down from the challenge. I think he believes he was fouled so he reaches out and grabs the ball, however no foul was called on the Fury player resulting in a hand ball inside the box which awards a penalty kick to the Fury.

The Fury player drives the ball to the center of the net and Quezeda is able to react and stop his dive to his left and blocks the shot. The ball is still in play after the deflection and Quezeda is able to get his foot on the follow up attempt from the penalty taker sending the ball over the top of the net. He immediately pops up and begins directing the defense to cover the upcoming corner. City is able to maintain their lead for the remainder of the match and hold on to win 1-0.

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