Goal Breakdown: Napa Valley 1839 8-24-2019

After getting some really positive feedback from my recap of the Chattanooga goals I am going to keep doing these posts. MyCujoo is not as easy to use for creating gifs and I had to screen cap off my phone so let me apologize for any quality issues right off the bat. Additionally I have noticed that the clock on the score overlay is broken so I used the times posted by the DCFC twitter account for goals.

This game was very one sided and City was far and away the better team but I still think there is something we can learn from these goals. The theme that I am noticing is that City is pushing hard to create chances with through balls and is really aggressive with their runs. Whether this is going to be the strategy going forward or just taking advantage of something the coaches saw in film on these two teams they are generating a ton of chances and are taking advantage of the skill of their players.

NAPA 0 DCFC 1 10′ G: Yazeed Matthews A: Cyrus Saydee

City has been pressuring the ball hard and Napa has to pass back to the keeper who has very little time to clear the ball out of bounds due to a charging Ryan Peterson.

It honestly looks like Napa does not have enough players back to properly mark each of City’s players which makes it easy for Marcello Borges to find Cyrus Saydee with the throw in.

Cyrus is unmarked and has a lot of space around the 15 yard line

#2 for Napa gives up the center of the field to Yazeed Matthews who makes a run towards goal. Cyrus simply puts the ball at Matthews feet who is able to fend off the pressure from the inside and possibly nutmeg the keeper for his first goal for City and make it Napa 0 DCFC 1.

#2 is way out of position and the other defender has to abandon marking Danny to try and recover.

NAPA 0 DCFC 2 15′ G: Danny Deakin A: Ryan Peterson

Some pressure for Napa causes City to clear the ball long out of the back. Napa is able to control but Peterson again applies some pressure to the keeper who plays the ball to his left.

I don’t know if it is because he is rushed or simply does not see him but the ball goes directly to Bakie Goodman who plays it up to Matthews. Matthews one touches it to Peterson due to some pressure and a late tackle which results in the ref playing the advantage. Both Napa defenders converge on Peterson due to his dangerous position which frees up Danny Deakin. Deakin collects the pass, squares up on goal, and blasts the ball into the far netting to put City up 0-2.

NAPA 0 DCFC 3 17′ G: Yazeed Matthews A: Ryan Peterson

Play begins with a throw deep in City’s half. Borges’ throw goes to Peterson who is challenged for the ball. James Vaughan is able to get to the ball and plays it forward to Tendai Jirira.

Tendai plays it up the right to Peterson who thinks about playing it inside but notices Matthews making a break for the inside at the last second and pokes the ball forward to him. Matthews then shots the ball into the far side of the goal netting his second of the night and making it 0-3.

Watching this live I thought that Matthews was offside on his run but after looking it looks like it was a good no call from the AR who was in a good position to watch the play.

Matthews is even with the back defender as the ball leaves Peterson’s foot. Shout out to the football lines for making their position relative to each other easy to see.

NAPA 0 DCFC 4 21′ (PK) G: Cyrus Saydee

Napa is in control of the ball and is looking to push up the field and City is playing aggressively to get the ball back. A clumsy dribble from #7 for Napa allows Bakie to get a toe on the ball and get it back to Deakin. Deakin plays it right back to Bakie and City immediately turn and run.

Bakie plays the ball up the left to Cyrus who slows play down which allows Bakie to continue his run. Three Napa defenders get caught ball watching and by the time one of them turns their head Bakie is behind him and the player is unable to see him making his run.

Cyrus sees this and plays the through ball to him. The keeper comes off his line in an attempt to play the ball but Bakie plays it slightly outside causing the keeper to make contact and bringing Bakie down in the box for a foul and the ref awards a penalty kick.

Cyrus lines up over the ball and shoots to the right. Keeper guesses wrong and the score is now Napa Valley 1839 0 Detroit City FC 4 which is our final.

City really looked like they took the foot off the gas after this goal but were still able to generate some really good opportunities that just barely didn’t find the back of the net.

Ryan Peterson and Yazeed Matthews both had a great game and are really nice additions to the already established City lineup. Peterson’s speed looked like it gave the Napa defense and keeper some big time issues. Hopefully the players can keep up this level of play through the remainder of the season.

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