Goal Breakdown: Chattanooga FC 8-17-19

In starting this analysis of goals scored and conceded by Detroit City I want to start by pointing out that I am not a writer nor someone who has any experience talking about soccer. All I am is someone who really likes City in search of more coverage of matches and in true City fashion if you want to see it, do it.

I plan on breaking each goal down into 10 seconds clips and analyzing what happened to lead to each goal. Hopefully some of you find this information useful and find enjoyment from it.

DCFC 1 CFC 0 23’ G: Marcello Borges A: Cyrus Saydee

Throw in for City after a header out of bounds from CFC off a free kick from the keeper. Ball is thrown in to Lawson who is pressured from behind and is able to chip the ball over the three defenders around him to Todd who is unable to retain possession.

CFC begin working up the field but Number 10 for CFC is caught flat footed on a pass and is able to get a toe on the ball bouncing it forward to Tendai who makes an over the shoulder volley, landing in some space for Lawson to control.

Lawson gathers the ball and Cyrus begins making a run up the right side of the pitch, mirrored by Borges on the left. Number 21 for CFC gets caught ball watching in a very deep position and moving towards the ball which allows Lawson to play the ball to Cyrus with tons of space.

Cyrus being very much onside and #21 being way too deep

Cyrus takes a couple dribbles towards the net and pauses to force the keeper to set his feet and then plays it across the goal to a well-positioned Borges who taps the ball into the back of the net to put City ahead 1-0. Both Todd and Lawson were also well behind the defense which is kinda surprising looking at where the defenders were when the play began.

DCFC 2 CFC 0 60’ G: Danny Deakin A: Ryan Peterson

Play resumes with a corner kick for CFC played to the far side of the goal which appears to be played a little too long allowing Crisler to clear the ball with a header. CFC regains possession but a heavy touch causes #25 for CFC to attempt to save the ball from going out of bounds.

Todd fights for the ball along the touch line and kicks it forward to a waiting Peterson who plays it up the touch line. A nice hold on the ball gives Peterson some room to work. Deakin is waiting onside in a really good position for a pass.

#4 for CFC looks to be a bad position, CFC has two players on the ball and no one marking Deakin.

Deakin unmarked and onside. #4 may think he has help behind but #3 is late to the party.

The ball is played into open space for Deakin to run to. He collects, takes a couple dribbles, survive a shove from behind from #3, and then finish by driving the ball through the legs of the keeper making it 2-0 City.

I love watching goal celebrations and #3 sad kicking the ball out of the net is just perfect after that push from behind.

DCFC 2 CFC 1 65’ G: Alun Webb A: Markus Smarzoch

Goal kick for City coming off some pressure from CFC. Steinwascher drives the ball past the midfield line and CFC wins the ball after two successful challenges in the air. A short pass to #25 gets him some space to work.

#25 plays the ball up the right to #7 who has a step on Tendai. Tendai does well to make up the distance but loses the shoulder to shoulder challenge which gives #7 enough time to direct the ball towards the net beating Steinwascher giving us our final. Detroit City FC 2 Chattanooga FC 1.

I hope you enjoyed reading my recap of the goals from this game and if there is interest this may be something that I continue doing.

If you have any suggestions, notice an error, or any other reason want to contact me you can find me on Twitter @frontiere_rob or on the fence at mid field.

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