Strength and inspiration

Nice job on the clinching boys! Now it’s time to bring home two more pieces of silverware.

A fantastic 1-3 result gives Detroit City FC the conference championship and a seed in the playoffs. This club is incredible. Unlike last season, they are better able to read each other and anticipate where to put the ball. It’s a sight to see for an amateur club playing professionally. They’ve been the best team on every pitch since before the Prideraiser campaign began. TMFJ has easily fit right in and shown what his management is worth. The club, each player, and the fans have been a spectacular sight to see. I don’t want this to be cheesy, but I’ve found strength in myself through City.

I’ve been having a difficult time away from absorbing the atmosphere. This club means so much to me and watching through a screen, unable to engage in the psychological warfare, has been difficult. I’ve progressed through my degree, only sacrificed one match for a social gathering, and here I stand facing my largest challenge to date, the dissertation. I had little faith in this season for city. I watched the friendlies, cheered them on from my living room, and felt like something was missing. They found that something early on and have not looked back since. City began with scaffolding and laid down real foundations for greatness. Likewise, I’m taking inspiration from this club.

With every word, like every pass – with every well-structured argument, like every goal – with every section completed, like every win – I take inspiration from this club. They were able to show strength, will continue to show strength, and will win their first ever national championship – just as I will complete my degree and come home to watch them win the Founders Cup. This team is different and much better than the one last year (just as we are all different people from last year). This club and the dynasty which will be built from it inspires greatness in each of us. We should all hope to do better than we have done. We are all capable.

There are big things ahead for DCFC and it won’t be easy, but what is temporary gives the opportunity to build permanence in the structure. I want this club to survive long after we all die and those memories be passed along to future supporters born in 2119 CE and further. Likewise, I hope to make a real impact one day in changing public perception of policy-relevant science which may outlive me. Maybe my ideas will change and I may fail, just as the players who wear the crest will change or fail. The optimism of impact provides a drive for greatness. I will watch every possible match I can and will never give up on this club. DCFC is greater than any one idea, fan, player, coach. That’s why I gain inspiration from Detroit City FC’s perseverance and strength.

Detroit City FC deserves immortality.

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