2019 NPSL Midwest Region, Great Lakes Conference Table (Through July 7)

With that 1-3 away victory at Ann Arbor, DCFC clinches the Great Lakes Conference regular season title.

Even a Grand Rapids victory, Ann Arbor victory, and DCFC loss next weekend (worst case scenario) would still see DCFC finish 1st (even with Ann Arbor on points with 30, but DCFC wins the head-to-head tiebreaker).

That being said, to ensure a top 2 finish in the Region, DCFC need to close out their regular season with a win at Kalamazoo, and then hope the leaders in the other conferences (Mpls City in the North and Cleveland in the East) drop some points for their Points Per Game to take a hit. A win against K’zoo would bring DCFC up to 33 points on 14 matches (2.357 PPG).

Buffalo and Rochester ended earlier today in a 1-1 draw, which means the East looks like this:

Cleveland face FC Buffalo 4pm on Saturday, July 13th. A draw or loss for Cleveland would leave them below 2.357 PPG.

The North, meanwhile, saw Minneapolis City defeat Duluth 4-2, so that their table looks like this:

Minneapolis City clinch the North title with that victory. However, they face Med City in the final round of matches, and Med City are still battling it out for 2nd place in the conference. If Med City were to beat Mpls City next Friday night, that would also leave them below 2.357 PPG.

So hold your horses, folks. It ain’t over yet. Next Friday/Saturday will see the playoff seeding decided. Then it’ll be a short 3 days before the Quarterfinals on the 16th, followed by the Semifinals on the 19th and the Final on the 21st.

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