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Even more DCFC merch coming out from third parties. I would love to see this shirt in a couple other languages too. Hamtramck has so many nationalities in such a small space. I would definitely buy a couple of them.

I love the design of this shirt. You can pick one up here.

4:51 Podcast: Hanging with our PAL

In this episode Red brings us some results from the LeRouge v. Michigan State match at the Corner Ballpark, goes Up in Smoke with a few supporters, shares the goodness of PAL, and Ron brings us some important #MLS2DET news…. and Tim loses his car again.

Detroit City FC Announces Affordable Youth Training Sessions

Detroit City FC is making it so affordable and easy to get into the game of soccer like no one ever has. Between this and all of their new youth leagues they are really changing US soccer for forever.

Detroit City FC is excited to launch exclusive youth training sessions hosted by Detroit City FC players!

DCFC training sessions are Wednesday nights at Detroit City Fieldhouse. These training sessions give youth players aged 6-17 the opportunity to train alongside Detroit’s professional players like Cyrus Saydee, Bakie Goodman and more for just $20 per session!


Reading this reminds of this Guardian Article I read awhile back that talked about some of the struggles with youth soccer in the US.

Many see the roots of this failure in the expensive, well-organised network of pay-to-play suburban leagues. Some parents spend more than $10,000 (£7,420) a year on membership fees and out-of-town tournaments.

Those competitions are often where college coaches find recruits and national scouts identify prospects. Children in poor neighbourhoods in places such as Washington are priced out. Even the select few who get scholarships struggle with the logistics of reaching training fields far from public transport routes.

I really hope that this is the start of wide scale change within US soccer.

Photo from @DetroitCityFC on Twitter